3 x BEST: 3 Black&White Package Designs for February 2015

There’s a certain elegance in black & white packages. Strong contrast, simple letterforms or graphics and most of all – a wrapping that marks out the product among all their competitors on the shelf.

It’s clean, it’s simple, it lets the product speak for itself with it’s unique value, no matter if it’s a cosmetic brand or whisky label. Below:

1/ De Stijl Wiski Dutch Destilery by Ben Mingo. “The use of large cropped numbers differentiates the 4 whiskies by ages.”

2/ Meridian Cosmetics by Sally Carmichael. “Meridian aims to dissect the clichéd notions of beauty in order to discover the lovely peculiarities that lie within each of us.”


3/ Coffeeling by Louis-Pier Charbonneau. “Packaging related to personality. Student, family, business – coffee meets life situations of the types of person referred.”


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