Spare Change News Editorial & Web Design

Today, a socially engaged editorial that makes an impression not only for it’s subject.

The form speaks for people, it’s personal and touching, with wisely chosen typo and solid layout.

Spare Change Newsa bimonthly publication which goal is to show the potential for a social change that lays within homeless and economically disadvantaged.

It is the nation’s oldest street paper, founded in 1992 by a group of homeless vendors backed by the Homeless Empowerment Project.

All content is generated by locals — journalism students, interns, volunteers, even vendors themselves.

A design by Kevin Chao and Johny Lee

Powyżej: dzis projekt zaangazowany społecznie – edytorial poświecony bezdomności i osobom dotkniętym biedą, mający na celu zwrócenie uwagi na ich losy i użyteczność społeczną

Personalny i ludzki wymiar projektu, stosowna typografia, solidna siatka… Podziwiamy 🙂

Projekt: Kevin Chao i Johny Lee


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