Opera Australia Brand Identity, Editorials & Ad Campaign

Consistent implementation into various media is the key issue of a brand development, especially the one known as widely, as a national opera.

It’s amazing if it’s witty too 😉

The project we present today – a design for Opera Australia, surprises with the simplicity of a brand image, transferred brilliantly on the fields of advertising, editorials and motion type.

There’s so much more to opera than just the performance on the stage, and this new brand seeks to express that opera isn’t one-dimensional — it’s multi-dimensionalWe expressed this by introducing vertical bars, based on musical notation, to separate the different dimensions of opera.

Bars change thickness, vertical position and pace to represent the music. In motion, they move at different speeds, representing different instruments and voices; overlapping each other to open up and wipe content in and out.

Check out how the AO logo and it’s versions were used in a animation. How well the idea used there got captured into brochure and programme layout. And don’t forget the tickets – as well, there’s a smart solution for a logo there.

A project by Mike Tosetto and Chris Maclean




Powyżej: projekt identyfikacji wizualnej i kampanii reklamowej dla Opera Australia autorstwa  Mike’a Tosetto i Chrisa Maclean

Proste, geometryczne logo znalazło genialne zastosowanie zarówno w animacji – programie, bilecie, jak i posłużyło w projekcie szaty wydawnictw.

Cenimy za spójność i pomysłowe rozwiązanie.


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