3 x FREE FONT: 3 Typefaces to Rock The Design World in February

Hiya! Let us guide U to 3 new & free for commercial use fonts that we’ve recently liked, to have a nice push into another month of creative challenges.

They may be useful for Web, App and Editorial Design, or… Try and see 😉

1. Promesh – Athletic, sporty & a lil vintage monospace font by Paul Reis

comes in 3 weights: as Regular, Mesh and Stitch


2. Bacana – hand-written, slow and spacious font by Mariel Gornati

lower space characters, only 1 weight FREE, DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Sifonn – inspired by Art Deco geometrics by Rafa Goicoechea


Powyżej: by z początkiem kolejnego miesiąca nabrać rozpędu w projektowaniu, publikujemy 3 darmowe fonty (do użytku prywatnego, jak i komercyjnego)

linki do pobrania w poście 🙂


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