10 x BEST: Juice Package Design

As our usual features in drink department involve those with %, let’s mix it up a bit with some finest juice package design examples 😉

After a close research turned our, their forms prove to be rich and innovative, even within the simple form of a juice box. Just have a look at the chosen 10!

1. for an innovative bottle

2. for cool typo and illustration, original in terms of colour

3. for the signet I absolutely adore

4. for ilustration that would definately sell the product to kids (and speaks for flavour!)

5. for more vintage feeling

6. for brilliant counterform use

7. for elegant typo

8. for simplicity and it’s strenght

9. for a rememberable bottle that makes difference

10. and for best juice box ever!

Powyżej: jako iż zwykle w kategorii opakowań napojów wyróżniamy te %, czas dodać coś do drinka 😉

10 projektów dizajnu opakowań soków wybranych ze względu na unikatowy kształt, wybór typorafii, udział ilustracji etc. Smacznego!


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