Introducing a Typographer: Jackson Alves Sketchbook of Logos

Ink and blank paper, that’s all what’s needed to create a typo masterpieces such as these below. And, maybe a super turbo talented designer from Brasil, Jackson Alves 😉

There is something very personal and curageous in sharing your creative process stages and I admire the ones who do 🙂

For more works portfolio web hereCheck these out!

UniCuritiba, Dec 2012

Self promoDecember 2012
Custom Types Workshop, Nov 2012
Buhari&Co , Oct 2012
Other logos
Powyżej: dziś wyróżniamy prace Jacksona Alvesa, brazylijskiego designera i typografa, szkice i ich zwektoryzowane formy logo .
Więcej jego projektów tu

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