3 x Best: Golden Colour Brand Identity Designs

To end September properly, today I’ve chosen 3 Identity Designs that lately are my absolute favs.

Not sure if it’s the use of gold that connects them, maybe the development of each one of them, maybe I’m just a girl and we love the things that sparkle 😉 Enjoy!

1) Sofia Fauve by Andy Reisinger – simplicity of typo, editorials, smart layouts

2) The Lodhi Hotel Brand Identity Design by Mukund V R and and Green Goose Design – for system execution, beautiful signet and the possibilities it creates

3) Valennto by Anagrama – masters don’t fail.

Another brilliant branding and package design, this time olive oil (to see more visit here). 

Powyżej: na zakończenie miesiąca wyróżniamy 3 projekty Identyfikacji i Designu Opakowań z użyciem złota w kolorystyce – wyraziste, zapamiętywalne, wzbogacone siłą koloru


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