Snakes in Art & Culture Editorial and Print Design

Check out this awesome design on human interpretation of snakes by Melvin Tan. Descriptions of species written on mandalas with unique number and a texture to reflect the Snake Skin in it’s truest form.

We express the common conception of centrality in the mandala concept celebrated in various interpretations of the symbol across different cultures to hint at the plausible collective unconsciousness we as humans perceive something. 

The design opens in the centre to manifest another mandala/labyrinth/crest from another culture of similar middle centric arrangement. These show similarities across cultures as well as depict the idea of metaculture as well as the allusion of reflexivity. The interactive nature of the flexagon allows the user to discover through a symbolic and logical tactile thought process articulated by the form of the Flexa Mandala.

Amazing prints, paper forms and illustration values. Not to mention the website with it’s irregular form and dynamics. Worth it! 

Powyżej: projekt graficzny z kartami o postaci mandali, opisujący gatunki węży w ujęciu różnych kultur autorstwa Melvina Tan

Forma, tekstrura, różnorodnośc elementów tak spójnych stylem…


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