Hand Drawn Typography – Life in the Alphabet

Today’s feature goes to a set of letters hand drawn by Eibatova Catrina titled “Life in the Alphabet “. It’s a set of letterforms created on nature shapes, that the author captured in their form to create a glyph. Each of them is unique and lovely constructed, and a set shows how how creative the illustrator is.

The idea of the project is to represent a letter in a natural form and appearance.Like something alive has turned into a letter and stood still.In some letters it’s possible to find symbolism, others are just an abstract form.In the alphabet you can find only one human – a woman in space. And one unreal creature – a dragon, also a very symbolical sign.

It’s definately to visit Catrina’s website too http://www.floralanthem.com/ 😉

Powyżej: Dziś wyróżniliśmy zestaw ręczne narysowanych form literniczych autorstwa Catriny Eibatovej.

Autorce udało się stworzyć alfabet w oparciu o uchwycone w ruchu bądź specjalnie zaprojektowane formy natury, dając kreatywny i oryginalny alfabet o wyjątkowej formie. Projekt wart wyróżnienia!


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