Toni’s Egg Liqueur Packaging Design

Hello Readers! For quite some time there wasn’t any new package designs that would truly AMAZE us with it’s image, but moodley brand identity seems to never let us down

Their very fresh project of packaging design for Toni’s Egg Liqueur is an outstanding mix of what we adore – an overall effect made by small and well detailed graphic elements, such as custom made, hand written typography, hand drawn icons, supportive delicate serif font to be an oposition to the  drawn one and a lovely natural colour palette. Just have a look!

PS. It is also worth featuring the photographer of this project, Marion Luttenberger, whose documentation had a huge impact on the beauty of the presentation above 😉

Powyżej: Po raz kolejny, w kategorii designu opakowań studio moodley brand identity nie zawiodło nas swoim najnowszym projektem dla likieru jajecznego Toni’s.

Dostrzegamy staranność w odręcznie skomponowanym logotypie w postaci pisanki, skontrastowanej z szeryfowym delikatnym krojem pisma. Typografii towarzyszy także odręczny zestaw znaków, skomponowane w delikatnej, naturalnej palecie kolorystycznej. Projekt dopracowany co do naklejki (na kapslu) 😉


2 responses to “Toni’s Egg Liqueur Packaging Design

  1. Amazing! 🙂 Such a simple, yet elegant design. The photographs are also great and make for quite a believable advertising campaign.

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