Spotted: Albura Identity by Firmalt. Wooden Products Brand Identity Design

Look what we’ve recently spotted – a wood doors producer Albura Identity designed by Firmalt – not only for an overall look and brand creation, but because how well the project develops the company goals and  features. Every element suits a concrete effect that leads to a brilliant system. Just have a look:

On signet:

The identity is inspired from the core material used in all their products: wood. The monogram takes from the way rings are arranged in a cross-section of a tree trunk, resulting in a very balanced and smart icon.

On font choice:

A serif typeface was specifically chosen for the logo because the serifs can be seen as roots of a tree.

On overall:
It was important for the brand to be modern, yet to retain a classic sense. This was achieved by the use of a traditional logotype and a contemporary monogram, which balance each other perfectly. The colors were selected for the same reason; warmer wooden colors were balanced with deeper sober tones. These elements, coupled with a keen attention to detail, result in a clean identity that communicates modern sophistication.

Powyzej: dzisiaj wyroznilismy projekt identyfikacji wizualnej producenta drewnianych drzwi Albura projektu Firmalt. Nie tylko za sama jego postac, ale glownie za niezwykle przemyslane dzialania projektowe ukierunkowane na stworzenie wyjatkowego, uzasadnionego systemu.

Szeryfowa typografia, zarazem elegancka i uzasadniona naturalna forma, sygnet wywiedziony z lyka drzewnego pnia, naturalna kolorystyka… Duze wrazenie


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