Gradient Based Brand Identity System-Velvet Agency

Warm hello to the new week! As the Spring seems to be awake with the 1st days of sunny weather, let’s go with a great gradient Brand Identity System for Velvet Agency by Chateau Batard.

Velvet is an agency concept for contemporary music culture. They are trying to present artists who define a constant progress of new trends and styles into electronic music. We wanted to represent it by using a personnal geometric font for the logo which is also used as a bird, symbol of the agency, with a fresh green scale background.

Excellent typography, that fills the grid with a lovely bright gradient make it a rememberable project, both in form and colour scheme.

Powyzej: Projekt identyfikacji wizualnej Velvet Agency projektu paryskiego studia Chateau Batard – geometryczna, ciekawa typografia, zielona kolorystyka, wzbogacona subtelnym gradientem… Wyjatkowo udany projekt na dobry poczatek pierwszego wiosennego tygodnia 🙂


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