Cottage Brownies Package Design

Since it’s week to my birthday and I spend a lot of time searching for a cake recipy, let’s have some sweet-sector package design today! Here’s what we’ve found lately, a lovely package of Gower Cottage Brownies by Kutchibok.

The details of this project are just stunning – the ligatures between letters, giving the logo an elegant yet sophisticated flow.

The use of brown as the only print colour, that works both as a background and print.

The contrast between modulated letters and simple line use.

And finally, the pattern made of logo inside the box.

Hoping for my bday cake to be as awesome as this!

Powyżej: w związku ze zbliżającymi się urodzinami pilnie śledzę wszelskie słodkościowe przepisy i projekty. Ostatnio zaś natrafiłam na to opakowanie pierniczków projektu Kutchibok. Design wart schrupania!


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