5 Best Neon Fluo Brand Identity Designs

Neon colours are building a strong position in Brand Identity Design nowadays. This trend may not dominate due to everlasting power of black and all of it’s shades, but it leads to a serious discussion about the boundries set for the designers who built a brand image.

Is fluo capable to adopt in business visuals? What sectors can be interested in such a strong and individualised image? It is a very fascinating subject showing us how Brand Identity Design is a part of everyday life – didn’t fluo colours dominated fashion&beauty areas first?

Just have a look at the 5 latest examples of brilliant logo identities:

1. Caso Identity – simplified to maximum brought the colour to the 1st, main role. Colour, composition, shapes – all that matters in this wonderfully executed project. Why dots and a rectangle?

Our visual identity is based on the design of our desk, both in shape and color, to which we have added two black dots representing our relation/interaction with it. Each material is characterized by the arrangement of these elements that vary to define the design dinamically.

Just brilliant!

2. Grate Studio™ from Peter Tarka – again, simple fluo geometrical shape. This time though, strenghtened with a large, contrast and stable black typography, that makes the general look so special and unique. Love this one!

3. Wow Pilar Branding by DHNN Agency – project with customized type, colours, patterns, drawings. Everything. Delicious.

WOW Pilar is a new real estate concept inspired on the new york style architecture.
We have developed a fresh, young branding system related with natural elements. The project is aimed to new apartment customers interested in buying a new concept of small apartments integrated in a big and spacious green and forested area on the suburbs near buenos aires epicenter.

Zrzut ekranu 2013-02-27 (godz. 22.13.30)

Zrzut ekranu 2013-02-27 (godz. 22.13.34)

Zrzut ekranu 2013-02-27 (godz. 22.13.38)

4. MUDE by Tiago Campea – a rebranding project for MUDE,  portuguese Museum of Design and Fashion in Lisbon, which I had a pleasure to visit once and remember as really amazing. It emphasises the Portugese art and history so well, what author said:

Trying to find what can be a national identity in design and basing on a brief study on portuguese visual culture, I ended up finding a lot of portuguese cobblestone and patterns, which are very particular and characteristic, on the streets around the museum.

5. Dsigndot by design studio Build – a new on-line lifestyle store that showcases and retails furniture, fashion and jewellery work from designers and artists such as Zaha Hadid and Phil Cuttance as well new and emerging talent.

Neon captured as an emphasis of an “o” letter as a symbol. Used wisely and on purpose.  Tasty, simple and a “g” glyph to die for…


Neonowe identyfikacje wizualne coraz silniej znaczą swoją obecność w projektowaniu graficznym. Wykorzystując kolor z rozmysłem i kierując się jego unikatowością, nie raz kontrastując z bezkonkurencyjną czernią, poszerzają pole manewru  projektanta i samego projektowania identyfikacji.

Powyżej najbardziej udane przykłady użycia fluo na jakie natrafiłam. Unikatowe i celne, zapamiętywalne nie tylko przez kolor, ale to on przyciąga uwagę jako pierwszy.


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