February’s Reason I Love Typography – Bodoni Typeface

For timeless class and elegance, for contrast of  weight in every letterform and for how it looks like in I Love Bodoni project of TwoPoints.Net team, Bodoni and it’s variations simply ROCK. As the designers wrote:

Every typeface has its own charisma. Not only does its presence in design lend an attribute to the identity of a product or project, but also reflect the taste, personality and attitude of the designer behind. Most designers keep a list of favourites with no more than ten typefaces throughout their trajectory. Some make a statement by sticking to just one typeface in every piece of their work. The choice for typeface is the flag held high by designers.

Endless editorial possibilities! The way it strenghtens the pictures. I’d definately choose it as one of the best identity and editorial fonts of all times. It not only works itself, but also as a base for different variations in weights and decors.  See You in new post!

PS. And for Din lovers – catch! Din

Powyżej: Projekt I Love Bodoni zespołu TwoPoints.Net ukazuje w całej rozpiętości, jak bogate możliwości daje font Bodoni i jego odmiany w składzie wydawnictw. Stanowi nie tylko klasę samą w sobie i postaci każdej litery, ale także wzmacnia wizerunek całokształtu projektu swoim wewnętrznym kontrastem i elegancją. Do zobaczenia w następnym poście


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