Best Olive Oil Package Design Showcase

1. Thank You all Readers for breaking a Daily View Record – 207!

It is a huge satisfaction to have a blog about your biggest life passion/work and I strongly encourage everyone to have one.

2. I was recently asked to do package designs for a range of food products, including olive oil bottle. This induced me to check on some decent designs in this area and I must admit, I was truly AMAZED by the fact how brilliant the project of that kind can be with a liitle effort, but a carefully chosen typographical details. Just have a look at some of the features, that are an amazing typo examples to all interested in Package Design.

Timion Olive Oil by mousegraphics. Sharp, strong, reduced to maximize effect

The logo design makes full use of the austerity implied by the brand name: honest, trustworthy, upstanding, are all properties indicated by the choice of fonts, the type of bottle, the clearly noted attributes of the product. Like an elixir, saved in modest, carefully measured proportions, the extra virgin olive oil of the laconian land travels abroad as a fine and well kept secret of the old but not lost Greek tradition.

Eleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil – simple leaf abstract as a part of letter. The concept of the design idea comes from the process of protecting olive trees from bugs by painting them on the bottom part with white protection paint. Brilliant!!!

Village Olive Oil by Luis Oliviera. 3  types that combine the best extra virgin olive oil with different flavors – Chili, Onion and Mint

All development of packaging was based on the traditional roots of this product, with special attention to the use of organic production. The organic concept is also represented on the labels from all the three illustrated flavors.

Karey Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Moruba. A drop found within typography. AIGA 2011. New York. 365: Design Effectiveness. Packaging Award speeks for itself!

5 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Designers United. Brand identity and packaging design dtands for quintessence in olive oil. Lovely cut off typo use. Not to mention the slash / 5 powerful graphic effect

St. Olive Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil – with a hand written typo and hand drawing

Since our client wanted to avoid having a ‘provenance-oriented’ identity, we turned to the area of basic human aspirations. Creating the product’s identity, we resorted to a singular combination of metaphysics and humor. We used the term “St. Olive”, not in a religious context, but as an attempt to bring forward the chthonic, primary, life-giving character of the oil fruit. Design helped us make this approach more concrete and acute: it placed a hand – the very representation of the spiritual and the divine- within the area of the ritual, the human and the feasible.

Alboredes by Ignasi Boza. Deliciously textured, simple styled typo.

“Packaging of three bottles of olive oil monovarietales. Each of them identified with a natural element of the environment where the olive trees grow: Bark, land and stones.

The origin and characteristics of the monovariety olive oil gives meaning to the idea of sustainability of natural and historical heritage, which until recently seemed doomed to disappear or be scattered through the gardens and squares Europe, and now you can enjoy a top quality product and warranty, especially for all lovers of equity and sustainability. Three diferent flavous of diferent olive tree varieties.”

29th Anniversary Olive Oil Packaging by Sereal Designers. Original, smart, abstract. Definately different than the usual!

Powyżej: Po 1, podziękowania dla wszystkich czytelników – osiągnęliśmy nowy rekord dzienny wejść – 207!

Po 2, w związku ze zleceniem na projekt opakowań produktów spożywczych (w tym oliwy), prezentujemy przegląd najlepszych projektów w tej dziedzinie. Trafne wykorzystanie form literniczych w powyższych przypadkach aż bije po oczach – ach żeby mieć taką butelkę w kuchni… 😀


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