Spotted: The Tokenhouse Identity

Spotted today – brand identity design for a gastropub in the City of London by Designers Anonymous. Featured for general look, signet, and a brilliant idea. Check it!

The Tokenhouse gastropub takes its name from an old city building that distributed farthing pieces, or tokens, during the 17th century. Based on this heritage, we devised a logo featuring a coin bearing the inscription The Tokenhouse – Estd 2012 – No 4 Moorgate. 

The addition of a beer hop reinforced the brewing connection. Our pub sign featured a spinning coin and we created a stamped coin that could be hand-embossed onto menus, drinks lists and cards. Adapting the coin device to other uses, we also created a set of cards to communicate specific messages. ‘Open till late’ featured a coin representing a full moon, while ‘Serving breakfast from 08.00’ used a coin to represent the rising sun.

Powyżej: dziś natknęliśmy się genialny projekt teamu Designers Anonymous dla Tokenhouse. Jako sygnet identyfikacji pubu zaprojektowano wizerunek monety (tokena), która obracana w szyldzie nad lokalem (i na wizytowce z wykrojnikiem monety do wyjęcia) z pewnością zachęci niejednego przechodnia.

Kolejny piwny temat na naszym blogu, przyznajemy że nie bez powodu 😀


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