5 Best Bar Identity Design

From simple and elegant typography to fully rich letterforms, here are 5 chosen Identity Design systems that show how unique and rememberable can the bar brand development be:

1. Bar Milano Identity by William Morrisey  a splash of mint colour which I presonally adore, beautiful golden prins and a place with unique, elegant touch

The Bar Milano identity combines the brash New York of the late 1960s / early ’70s (think 3 martini lunches and shag rugs) and the sophistication of fashion and design epicenter Milan.

We did a whole slew of things to define the identity of the restaurant, including the the logo, a complete menu system (breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, bar and wine list), wall mounted brass lettering (which describes the late-nite bar menu), all restaurant signage, business cards, pens, matches.


2. The Great Catering Company by Strategy Design & Advertising  A splashing logo with an amazing set on icons in it’s own, watercolour style

The Great Catering Company is one of the market leaders in private and corporate catering. They wanted to position catering as more than just food and service, and portray it as an art form and experience. The identity had to be innovative, contemporary and desirable.

Understanding that the preparation of food is an organic and creative process, and its consumption a social activity, we engaged in our culinary art by painting together using different foods to create the visual language. These bold and colourful illustrations are the key visual device unique to the brand and complement their brand philosophy “serving amazing anywhere”. 

Love the contrast between black and painting spots!

3. Trafiq by Kiss Miklos   Where decorative typography has major overall effect (and totally nails it on wall prints!)

“Our goal was to create an image that revives the vibe of the late 19th – early 20th century, while also reinterpreting this vintage foundation by injecting it into a contemporary atmosphere. Therefore, the logo is based on a Roman-type font, and is mixed with a playful, classic ligature.

The logotype contains the address, and thus locates itself. The latter fact provides an easier form of communication and unifies the typographic language, moreover, thoroughly determines its style. Nevertheless, the typographic language tends to reach beyond the boundaries of a logo and of various graphic elements, and becomes the concept itself, the interior’s distinguishable cornerstone.”


4. Liverpool English Pub by Reynolds & Reiner   Lovely extensions of letters L and R from Liverpool, clean and consequent brand evolution

“The symbol of Liverpool is the Liver bird. This bird is like the legendary Phoenix and Sirin birds — there were no such a things in real life but scientists still argue what kind of extinct birds could be their prototypes. By itself, Liver is a symbol not only of Liverpool, it’s also a main part of the logo of the famous English football club. The second part of the city’s name relates to the water because the city is located near the sea.”


“After the analysis stage we found three main elements that needed to be combined in the logo: the Liver bird, location near the sea, and a heraldic style used in Britain during the birth of Liverpool. This has become the basis for the logo and the entire brand identity.”

5. Belem Gastrobar by Toormix   Brilliant typography in logotype and a set of kick ass icons. With mint again!

Na początek tygodnia serwujemy 5 wyróżnionych za konsekwencję, dbałość o typografię i sprawne wprowadzenie systemu w materiały identyfikacyjne lokali i pubów. Identyfikacje te pozostają unikatowe każda na swój sposob, czy to przez użycie specjalnie zaprojektowanej typografii, czy ikon, czy sposobu dekoracji wnętrz.

Oby więcej projektów tego poziomu tam, gdzie jadamy i pijemy! 😀


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