Clear like water – Wasserkraft Büro Corporate Identity

Yesterday I found a beautifully executed corporate identity system by Dmytro Korol with his design team Korolivski Mitci. Wasserkraft Büro is an Ukranian Company, specializing on the manufacturing and selling of water, heat supply and drainage equipment.

It’s visual identity system was based on smooth, water inspired lines functioning not only as a sign, but a system of patterns for other corporate materials – CDs, business cards and others. The variety of designs is huge, but still looks smooth, clean and compact.

Just take a look and all the materials and stay tuned for the next post featuring – surprisingly – a cow sculpture used as a canvas for something great 😀

Identyfikacja wizualna dla Wasserkraft Büro autorstwa Dmytro Korol ze studia Korolivski Mitci. W następnym poście – raczej niespodziewanie – ciekawy projektowo przykład rzeźby w kształcie krowy 🙂


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