the world’s most successfull designer – armani logo case

Happy 2013 to all the readers! The new year, to me, begins with a new frangrance. A delicate breeze, a bit of tropical storm, and also one of the best perfume ads ever filmed – the Armani Acqua Di Gioia starring Emily DiDonato.

The present I received made me think a bit of Armani identity system. Founded in 1975 by Georgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in Milan, it is one of the most expensive clothing labels in the world today.

The Armani brand consists of Georgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans and Armani Exchange. 

The four logos are mostly based on customized Didot Typeface. Upper 2 consist of type and signets. They also represent the more luxorious of Armani products. First one is a geometrical typography and pursues a highly simplistic and elegant design approach. It consists of a rounded “G” completing a curved “A” letter, giving it a very refined and graceful new style. The second one, Emporio Armani logo depicts an eagle that is looking in the right direction. The eagle symbolizes brand’s supreme quality, excellence and feat.

The two logos mentioned are to be luxorious. Symbols are in their clean way a complete opposite to the typeface used. Both of them are also a vital part of the jewels made by the company – the signets are very readable and easy to put on smallest pieces like rings or bracelets.

Armani Exchange logo incorporates the “A|X trademark” in a minimal and most general, very readable form, rendering a very legible and visually distinctive design that superbly communicates the brand’s message.

The Armani Jeans also has a simple typographic logo which is made up of a smart combination of “A” and “J” letters. All 4 logos are simple and similar, yet still manage to reflect all the values they represent – the luxurious and more casual one.

This may actually be the key to the brand success – the brand is not entirely concentrated on the red carpet clients, it also stands for the ordinary ones. Armani claims to base his vision on the everyday people in the street, believing that clothes should be made to be worn not just seen and drawing on the skills he learned as a menswear designer to produce contemporary clothes for women. 

In 2000, Forbes declared Giorgio Armani to be the world’s most successful designer, with personal earnings of $135 million in 1999. 

To end with, I present some of the great works of Polish illustrator Aleksandra Stanglewicz, last year’s participant of Armani: Through the Eyes of Illustrators’ project. More of her wonderful works here.

Information source:

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