a tale of christmas cards… and a typo card showcase

First, some facts:

Christmas cards account for 60% of all card sales. A distant second is Valentine’s Day at 25%.

Approximately 33% of the holiday cards purchased each year contain a religious message.

“Merry Christmas” is the preferred text for 54% of holiday card purchasers. “Season’s Greetings” is liked by 12 %, and “Happy Holidays” is preferred by 21%.

Even celebrities each year come up with their own Christmas Cards. Including the annoying ones, e.g. Kardashians.

Then, a story:

this one is an example of how much you can influence the world at a really young age. Willam Maw Egley was only 16 when he made a brilliant move and send an example of his miniature painting in to the british museum director in 1842. He simply painted a picture on a small card and wrote wishes on the other, leaving the director Henry Cole with a great idea to popularize this small form of christmas greetings.

Sadly, this left Eagley without any recognition for the idea, as it was someone else hired to paint an official museum card that gained popularity while being reprinted in thousand copies rideaway. Egley never became a well-known painter, being forced to paint in the name of another english artist William Powell Frith, but luckily, there is place for his own painting at Tate Galery (Omnibus Life in London, 1859).

Clearly, not only the guy had a real talent, but also started a tradition which spread wordwide and is still present.


Only U.S.christmas card market  is home to approximately 3,000 greeting card publishers. In USA, even an innocent card can turn into a political subject of criticizm (read The Obama 2011 Christmas Card Incident).

Typographic Christmas Cards

Typography, as an artistic language is also a powerfull tool to use while creating a christmas card. Here I present some of the examples I find most interesting.

I divided them into groups where

a) type builds a symbol

etsy-com2 balladora



b) type is a christmas message and it looks simply awesome 😉


37-thrifty1d30714bc73d2190d7f3ef94c9450540 6-merry-christmasa9a8f1b856596609d5d413d7c76eb6d5 behance etsy-com
katemoross vectorjunky1027371261155713 webneel


If You happen to be not quite a merry-christmas-type of person, here’s some naughty wishes to put on a card, enjoy
Kartki świąteczne stanowią 60% sprzedaży rynku kartek z życzeniami. Na drugim miejscu są Walentynki z zaledwie 25%. 55% kartek zawiera hasło “Wesołych świąt”, a około 1/3 kartek zawiera przekaz religijny. Na końcu postu znajdziecie krótki przegląd kartek typograficznych. Pokazują one jak różnorodne działania typograficzne mogą stworzyć ciekawą wizualnie formę życzeń : )

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